erik rudy costume designer los angeles

My Story

During the 19+ years of Erik’s career, he has brushed shoulders with some of Hollywood’s biggest personalities. Whether working behind the scenes dressing talent for commercials and television shows, appearing on camera as a celebrity stylist and makeover maven or running some of LA’s hottest boutiques, Erik continues to make his mark on the entertainment and fashion industry.

Erik’s keen eye for style became apparent as a child growing up in Eugene, Oregon. At age seven, young Erik began to put together outfits for his older sister and obsess about the latest trends. Was Erik born fashionable? Or did he learn to be clothes-savvy from his Mom, who hired a personal shopper to pre-select items in his favorite colors when they visited the local department store? Whether nature or nurture, one thing is certain: Erik’s love for fashion found its full expression when he ditched the pine trees for the palm trees and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Approach To Design

Erik decided he wanted to evolve in the fashion industry and open a men’s shoe, accessory and vintage t-shirt boutique, MAN Los Angeles.  He attended fashion weeks around the world to bring cutting edge fashions from Milan, Paris, London and NY to the West Coast.  This opened many other doors within high-end boutiques in Los Angeles, including opening and running Vivienne Westwood’s flagship store in North America.

Through this journey, Erik’s passion in the Costume Design and Styling world is where he’s planning to stay and spread magic!